Mindless BULLETS

  A world that has danced to Kurt Cobain and Jackson 5 Cried to Jim Morrison’s every line Soaked in all the sorcery Amy Winehouse induced And dripped lust off their tongues while Monroe seduced A world that stood by the Beatles like a rock And kissed Lennon goodbye A world that has seen Marshal win And has watched Chester die…   You love all … Continue reading Mindless BULLETS

Strawberry Fields

Because that first kiss felt like you planted strawberry fields into my mouth. A mouth which only knew the dismal aftertaste of whiskey dangling on its breath against strange faces and romanticising it all for a matter of meaningless drunken hours till sobriety hit me and I fell back into my dreary abyss of solitude. But your touch reminded me of what it’s like to … Continue reading Strawberry Fields

Why do we over romanticise love?

Why do we over romanticise love? Why is it all about finding “the one”? And that seeming to be the answer to all your problems. Don’t get me wrong, companionship is wonderful but so are several other facets of life we conveniently ignore by blanketing ourselves under the comfort of love. And is this the only source of love? Your significant other? Why don’t we … Continue reading Why do we over romanticise love?

What love is to me

To me love is not a cup of morning coffee before work accompanied with a cuddle or a candle light anniversary dinner. It’s playing with fire, not seeking warmth, not the comfort of a shelter, it’s being thrown in the storm. It’s kissing in the middle of a parking lot under the pale moonlight with whiskey dangling on our breaths, trying to find ways to … Continue reading What love is to me

22 girls in 1

  Odd Tuesdays, curled up in bed Building castles upon words once said Numb and still she lays With a loss of spirit, apetite and sleep Staring at parallel walls, she helplessly weeps With nothing really left to say Fighting days of inertia Sore limbs looking for courage You’ll wonder how this wonder woman can look so small Some days taking over the world Some … Continue reading 22 girls in 1

Little Black Dress

Look at her. Doesn’t she make you curious? Don’t you wonder what makes her? Walking around with sheer fearlessness She looks invincible right? All you see is the little black dress she wears, Not the scars hidden beneath. All you see is her bright red lips flashing the most exuberant smile in the world, Do you know how much they have been through? Screaming nights … Continue reading Little Black Dress


I will burn too damn fast. And fizzle out just too soon. Before you catch up with my fire, Ill be done. It’s what I do.   Don’t touch me or get too close, for I will soon retreat. Don’t be aroused by my puerile charms, I will cause you such catastrophe. A plant of strange contradictions. Fierce branches fighting to cut one another. Sometimes … Continue reading RUN

Empty bottle of Champagne

To escape the cacophony of the fake laughter and loud music, she stormed out to the dark alleys . Racing through the side walk, not knowing where it leads, making her way to the lonesome valley. Afraid to leave a trail of her footsteps behind, so they could trace her through the woods. Jumbling, stumbling, fumbling. She ran as fast as she could. While the … Continue reading Empty bottle of Champagne